prospectsign Welcome to Prospect Farm!

Prospect Farm is situated mid-way between Bryan-College Station and Austin near the town of Lexington. We chose the name “Prospect” because it represents the following:

  • Looking forward – we will care for the natural resources in a sustainable manner that will ensure their capability to provide healthy food in the future
  • A broad view – we are not focused on a single goal of production or profit, but on sustaining a healthy, holistic system which includes the soil, water, air, animals, consumer, community, and farm workers.

pasturecattleWe rotate the cows and chickens through the pasture and allow a recovery period for the forages to re-grow to insure they are not eliminated by continuous, selective grazing if the cattle were allowed unrestricted access. We prefer a diversity of forages to help meet the animals needs since the various forages will mature at different times and provide different types and levels of nutrients. A monoculture (single type) forage typically requires herbicides and pesticides to maintain it.

We want to promote and support the model where food is produced, processed and consumed locally in a grass-based system using natural inputs. This will eliminate the long-distance trucking of feed and fertilizer to the farm, and animals to a distant processor and then to various grocery stores. This will reduce the use of fossil fuel and its resultant effect on the environment.

Please visit the other pages on this website to learn more about our goals, animals and farm.