We began our journey in learning about how our food is produced when our oldest son wanted to raise a farm animal when he was young. We decided a good place to start on our small acreage would be laying hens because eggs are easy to handle and sell for a young boy. We learned about raising chickens in a moveable pen that allowed the hens to have fresh pasture each day and protection from predators. This also spread their “fertilizer” around the pasture and helped the forage to recover quickly during its rest period. He enjoyed the work, experience, and income from his laying hens for several years.

newcalfsmallOur next experience was buying a jersey milk cow. She gave birth to a beautiful calf  and we milked her and allowed the calf to nurse for the next 7 months. We sold both of them to devote our time to locating a farm where we could first raise food for our own family and eventually produce enough to sell to customers.

Now that we have found and moved to our farm between Bryan-College Station and Austin, we have a pasture-raised laying hens for eggs,  broilers for meat and grass fed beef cattle. We are also investigating other possible enterprises for the future. We welcome any product suggestions you are interested in purchasing. We also welcome opportunities to team with other producers.

Our grand-daughterWe want to share the farming life and experiences with others, especially children. You can see that our grand-daughter has already learned how to gather the eggs from the chicken pen. We welcome visitors to the farm, please call to set up a visit.