We have laying hens that produce brown eggs that have superior nutrition when compared to conventional store-bought eggs. They have access to a complete feed ration, fresh water, minerals, forage, and all the bugs they can find. It is great entertainment to watch them chase down the frequent grasshoppers that fly into their enclosure on a one-way trip. They have a small moveable pen for shade and food storage, and a large open area surrounded by electric netting to deter predators. This combination is rotated around the pasture frequently to give them access to a fresh area. We have eggs available, please contact us.

We raise broilers on pasture to produce nutritious and great tasting chicken.

We raise grass fed/grass finished  cattle without antibiotics, growth hormones  or insecticides. They are rotated through the pastures to allow the forage time to recover to maintain diversity and healthy plants. They are harvested at approximately two years of age which helps to improve their flavor and marbling over cattle harvested at an earlier age.