Double/Triple Yolk Egg

Double Yolk Eggs

In the accompanying picture you can see that one of our hens had a rough day on the job. She worked extra hard to produce that oversized egg, which won’t fit in the egg carton! Those usually have a double yolk, but one earlier in the year had a triple yolk.

As consumers of products from small family farms, you should realize that you won’t get identical cookie-cutter products each time. We don’t pick out the “ideal” eggs and use others which don’t meet some “standard” for some other purpose. As an example, since free range hens and their eggs come in contact with the natural environment, they may get grass or mud stains on a rainy day. Even though the eggs are washed, the stain won’t be removed. So don’t be surprised if the eggs aren’t all the same size or the same color.

If you think about, that reflects our friends and families too!

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